Viktor Tsyrennikov


  1. A Case for Market Incompleteness w L.Blume, T.Cogley, D.Easley, T.Sargent
    Journal of Economic Theory, November 2018
    [ Working paper ]
  2. Envelope Condition Method with an Application to Default Risk Models w C.Arellano, L.Maliar, S.Maliar
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, August 2016
    [ Working paper ]
  3. International Portfolios: A Comparison of Solution Methods, w Katrin Rabitsch, Sergiy Stepanchuk
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  4. Exchange Rates and Trade Flows: Disconnected?, w W.Lian, D.Leigh, M.Poplawski-Ribeiro
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    [ Bloomberg video ] [ VoxEU ]
  5. Portfolio and Welfare Consequences of Debt Market Dominance, w Sergiy Stepanchuk
    Journal of Monetary Economics, September 2015
  6. Wealth Dynamics in a Bond Economy with Heterogeneous Beliefs, w Tim Cogley, Tom Sargent
    The Economic Journal, March 2014.
    An extended appendix exploring many issues not covered in the main article:
    Speculation and Wealth when Investors Have Diverse Beliefs and Financial Markets Are Incomplete
  7. Capital Flows Under Moral Hazard
    Journal of Monetary Economics, December 2012
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  10. Efficient Estimation of Semiparametric Copula Models, w Xiaohong Chen, Yanqin Fan
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, September 2006.
    Extended version with numerical examples.
    [ Download sample Matlab code, zip archive, 12KB ]

Working papers

  1. Capital flows, beliefs, and capital controls w Olena Rarytska
  2. Trading on Sunspots w Boyan Jovanovic
  3. Investment, speculation, and financial regulation
  4. Asymmetric Price Adjustments in the Retail Gasoline Market, w Olena Rarytska
  5. Non-parametric distributions, uncertainty, and asset prices w Heidi Verheggen
  6. Asset Market, Diverse Beliefs, and Borrowing Limits
  7. Mechanics of Wealth Dynamics with Heterogeneous Beliefs
  8. Idiosyncratic Risk and Global Imbalances